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Endorse Volt with your signature


To be eligible to run for elections, we must collect enough signatures from citizens in each electoral district. Your support in endorsing us in your electoral district would greatly contribute to this effort.

To endorse us, you can either sign online with itsme® or your eID card reader.

If you are unable to sign the endorsements online, please contact us via [email protected].

Read more about Volt and our policies here and about our candidates here.

When endorsing, please consider the following:

  • You are allowed to endorse Volt for each distinct election (EU, Federal, Regional) in which you have the right to vote in your electoral district.

  • When you endorse Volt by signing, you do NOT commit to anything. You are only giving Volt permission to take part in the elections. Your signature will be destroyed and discarded by the administration once the list has been formed and accepted.

  • You can only endorse one list for each distinct election (EU, Federal, Regional).

Select your place of residence (electoral district):

I live in Brussels Capital Region

I live in the Province of Antwerp

I live in the Province of Flemish Brabant

I live in Flanders (elsewhere)

I live in Wallonia (anywhere)


I don't have the Belgian nationality, but I am a European Citizen living in Belgium

Under certain conditions, European citizen residents are allowed to vote for the European Parliament in Belgium! This means you can also endorse our lists for the European Parliament elections.

To be able to vote in Belgium you have to register (online), for more info: https://europeanelections.belgium.be/node/111305

The application for registration must be made by 31 March 2024 at the latest.

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