Donation Policy (updated Nov 26 2018) - Article 8 of our rule book

At Volt we are committed to transparency and high ethical standards when it comes to the treatment of donations

  1. When referring to donations, we refer to funds, services, or donations in kind. The donation policies of Member Associations must entail all elements of Volt Europa donation policy.

  2. Volt Europa commits to only accept donations from donors who do not contradict with or jeopardise Volt Europa’s aims, values, policies and ethics. This needs to be decided by the Treasurer, and can be delegated.

  3. Volt Europa maintains the right to reject any donation, providing reasons for the rejection and transfer them back to the donor within a time frame of 20 business days, detracting the external administration fees related to this transaction.

  4. Volt Europa constantly publishes every donation exceeding 500 Euro per donation or donor per year within 15 days from its receipt/immediately on Volt Europa’s website. Before publishing a donation, Volt Europa will obtain the donor’s consent.

  5. If the donor disagrees with point 4 of this article, the amount exceeding 500 EUR will be transferred back to the donor’s account, detracting the administration fee related to this transaction.

  6. If at any later stage Volt Europa learns of activities of donors which contradict with or jeopardise Volt Europa’s aim and ethics, Volt Europa keeps the right to return the donation and remove the donor from Volt Europa’s donor list.

  7. If the donor would like to add a statement and a link to Volt Europa’s list of donors and Volt Europa agrees, the statement and link may be published on Volt Europa’s website and other communication.

  8. Donations from for profit organisations are accepted if they do not intend to influence the line of Volt or its chapters. The treasurer decides whether to accept such donations or not.

  9. Anonymous donations above 100 EUR are not allowed and need to be returned. If that is not possible, the donation will be transferred to a cause in line with Volt Europa’s aims as detailed in the preamble of our Statute.


Thanks to all our donors, even with the smallest donations!

At the moment there are no donations of more than 500 EUR which must be named according to rule 8 of our donation policy.

Annual reports

At the moment there are no donations of more than 500 EUR which must be reported.