Europe Day - Schengen March

May 9, 2024 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Rue Robert Goebbels, 5444 Schengen, Luxembourg

In 2019, different sections of Volt met for a cross-border march at the triangle border between France, Germany and Luxembourg. 5 years later, we are recreating this successful event to show the pan-European nature of our political movement.

This event will take place on 9 May, when the European Union celebrates Europe Day to commemorate the Schuman declaration, now considered as the founding act of the EU.

Draft programme

  • 11:00 hours. Meeting point at the European museum, Schengen

  • 11:30 hours. March at the border triangle between Luxembourg, Germany and France

  • 15:00 hours. Visit to the Political market in Luxembourg city

  • 20:00 hours. Get-together to watch the Eurovision Song Contest - 2nd semi-final

Disclaimer: we are working on possible activities on Friday. Further information available soon!

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