Close-up of Atomium in Brussels Capital Region

Sign4Volt in Brussels-Capital Region

Do you live in one of the 19 municipalities of Brussels?

As a resident of Brussels, support our lists for the three different elections (EU, federal, and regional). In Brussels, you choose between the French-speaking or Dutch-speaking lists.

Follow the steps below and click the link for each step to place your signature.

Step 1 - European Parliament (select NL or FR)

2. Federal Parliament (same list for NL and FR)

3. Regional Parliament (select NL or FR)

If you are not domiciliated and registered to vote in a municipality within the Brussels-capital region, please return to the Sign4Volt overview.

Click here for help with technical issues signing.

Sophie in 't Veld

Lead Candidate EP (NL)

Bram Vandeninden

Lead Candidate EP (NL)

Suzana Carp

Lead Candidate EP (FR)

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Arslan Jurion

Lead Candidate EP (FR)

Emeric Massaut

Lead Candidate in Brussels for the Federal Parliament

Carlo Giovanni Giudice

Lead Candidate BRP (FR)
Co-President of Volt Belgium - Carlo Giovanni Giudice

Hans Van Gaever

Lead Candidate BRP (NL)
Candidate Hans Van Gaever