Our story

It is time for Europe

Map of Europe and elected Volters

We are Volt, the pan-European political party. For us, European cooperation lies at the heart of our vision. Because today’s societal challenges – such as climate change and migration – are shared with our neighbours and demand a collaborative approach that transcends borders. Together, we are stronger!

Cross-border politics draw inspiration from the best European practices, such as cycling infrastructure in Utrecht, urban planning in Barcelona, or affordable housing in Vienna.

Volt embodies this fresh and pragmatic approach to politics. We are a positive alternative in politics, working towards a modern and prosperous Belgium and Europe for all.

Millions of Europeans have already rewarded us with their votes at the local, national and European levels.
Our growing movement has more than 20,000 members and more than 100 representatives in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria and Italy.

But our work is not finished, we want to bring our story to Belgium and its local regions and cities. Thus, we are participating in the 2024 elections. With your vote we can change how politics is done in Belgium.

All together we will aim for a strong and united Europe. A Europe that is resilient against those who seek to undermine our democratic achievements.

Read more about our policies and ideas here and meet our candidates here.

Together, we are generation Europe.

Group of Volters with flags and bikes

… a vote for tomorrow, not for yesterday