The functional teams

Secretary General

The Secretary General is the executing power to the board of administrators. The secretary general is there to take the vision and the strategy of the executive committee and bring this to life. They are the beating heart of the party, the important link between the membership and staff, and the executive committee.

Political Campaign

The team that is responsible for our campaign in 2024!

Press & Media Officer


Shaping Volt's ideological framework: Our Vision and Policies.


Bringing people together by coordinating members and volunteers. The key link in our membership network.


Coordinating events to connect with our members and engage with Belgian and European citizens.


Crafting the voice of Volt through internal and external communication channels.


Responsible for raising funds to help build our movement and campaigns.

Electoral Board

Responsible for fair internal elections and candidate applications.

Volt Values Board (VVB)

Conflict resolution body.