Volt is participating in the Super Elections!

PRESS RELEASE - Volt Belgium is very pleased and proud to announce that it will run as Volt Europa for the regional, federal and European elections in Belgium on 9 June. In the past months, Volt volunteers have travelled across the entire country in an energetic drive to gain support for our electoral lists, talking with thousands of citizens.

Apr 13, 2024

We are very grateful to the over 7.500 citizens who have endorsed us. Many thousands more (about 50%) attempted, in vain, to endorse us via the faulty federal digital platform “Martine”. These numbers clearly show that Volt has broad popular support for entering the electoral race, standing for democratic renewal.

Although some parties imposed a strict party discipline and would not allow their MPs to support new parties, other parties and individual MPs stayed true to the principles of democracy. We are grateful for their support.

Volt has successfully submitted its registration to run as list 5 in the following constituencies. Authorities will confirm participation for all lists in the coming days.

  • European Parliament Dutch-speaking electoral college

  • European Parliament French-speaking electoral college

  • Federal Parliament Antwerp constituency

  • Federal Parliament Brussels-Capital constituency

  • Flemish Parliament Antwerp constituency

  • Flemish Parliament Flemish Brabant constituency

  • Brussels Parliament Dutch language group

  • Brussels Parliament French language group

Volt is a young, pan-European progressive party. It is a real bottom up citizens’ movement, attracting and mobilising many individuals who have never participated in politics before. We seek political renewal and radical democratisation at all levels.

Politics in our country has come to a full standstill, paralysed and polarised. Volt has lots of fresh ideas for a stronger, more democratic Europe, and for better housing, transport and education. We believe our budget can be fixed while at the same time improving the quality of life for all.

We are looking forward to a lively and inspiring campaign, a real celebration of democracy!

Do you want to know more, support us, and/or join us? Find us at voltbelgium.org.