41 days left till the elections…

…and we need your help!

We are happy and proud to announce that we will run in the upcoming elections with a total of 72 candidates (official source)! You will be able to vote for pan-European progressive politics in Belgium on 9 June in the following constituencies:

Apr 29, 2024
  • European Parliament Dutch-speaking electoral college

  • Federal Parliament Antwerp constituency

  • Federal Parliament Brussels-Capital (including Drogenbos Kraainem Linkebeek Rhode-Saint-Genèse Wemmel and Wezembeek-Oppem) constituency

  • Flemish Parliament Antwerp constituency

  • Flemish Parliament Flemish Brabant constituency

  • Brussels regional Parliament - Dutch language group

  • Brussels regional Parliament - French language group

Unfortunately, our Francophone and German list for the European elections did not make the threshold. However, Volt Belgium is a Belgian party growing bigger with each day and we will step up our presence in all parts of the country. Volt is needed everywhere in Belgium to shake up the rigid political landscape. Volt will be the much-needed breath of fresh air in all parts of the country and in all language communities.

Get in touch with your local city leads or the national team, join us on the ground for flyer actions, fill in the volunteering form below and help us make this campaign a success!

European greetings from the Volt team