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Since joining Volt, I've been committed to bringing my ideas to support the construction of policies for a city, a region, at the heart of a Europe ready to address today's challenges. These issues require a politics that unites people across generations, cultures, countries, and even with nature.

Personal Background: "My name is Christophe, 35 years old, originally from Andrimont and currently residing in Koekelberg. I'm a proud foster father, hoping to bring a new perspective in politics with my diverse background in philosophy, mathematics, logic, and the public sector, with a career as a project and programme manager in various paragovernmental organizations."

Why I Joined Volt: "As I ventured into the political landscape, I found in Volt a pan-European resonance, a new force that echoed my desire to see a renewal in political action."

Final Thoughts: "Join me and Volt Belgium as we strive to build a better Brussels at the heart of a Europe that is more inclusive, more sustainable, and more democratic. Together, we can make a difference."

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