Two years of war in Ukraine

Two years after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, war fatigue seems to be setting in. The US and Europe are dragging their feet in providing support, and some voices suggest negotiating with Putin and accepting the loss. But precisely now is not the time to reduce support to Ukraine, but to ramp it up

Feb 24, 2024

Let's not forget that Ukrainians are not just fighting for themselves, but they are fighting for all of Europe. The least we can do is provide them with all the means to win this war and rebuild their country. It is unbearable that people are dying because politicians hesitate and dawdle from their armchairs. The example of Denmark, which immediately sends all available ammunition to Ukraine, deserves to be followed.

For those who might have thought that Putin is a reasonable and rational negotiating partner, the murder of Navalny and the subsequent harsh repression served as a harsh reminder that he is a brutal, bloodthirsty, ruthless dictator with imperial tendencies. Capitulation is not an option.

Hence, after two years of war, Europe must unequivocally provide all the support Ukraine needs, for as long as needed, and fully respecting Ukrainian territorial sovereignty and international law. The future of Ukraine is at stake, but so is the future of Europe. It is a confrontation of a dictatorship against freedom and democracy. It is nothing less than our way of life, our values. There can be no slackening or negotiating away any part of it for even a second. Precisely when it is difficult, precisely when Europe as a community of values is being tested, we must go all out.

Sophie in 't Veld
Dutch Volt Belgium lead candidate for the European elections