Volt challenges the particracy! (Status update about signatures)

Volt stands for democracy. That's why we go out every day, across the country, to engage with people and collect declarations of support. Each signature for our electoral list is not just support for our pro-European agenda, but also a statement against the particracy. The political landscape could use a bit of a shake-up. Volt challenges the particracy!

(See below for a status update on the signatures)

Mar 21, 2024

The Belgian electoral system is designed to keep newcomers out and to keep voters silenced. To participate in the elections, a high number of signatures is required. For the European elections, 10,200 signatures are needed for the whole of Belgium (for comparison: 4,000 for the whole of Germany and 30 for the whole of the Netherlands). In addition, the digital platform for declarations of support is plagued by technical shortcomings, and about half of those willing to sign “leak away” due to these problems. The government looks the other way. In short: the obstacles to democracy are monumental.

Despite these obstacles, with our pro-European, progressive Volt message, and the personal approach by our volunteers throughout the country, we have already collected about 4,500 signatures! The lists for the federal and Flemish electoral districts of Antwerp and Flemish Brabant are about to be completed, and for the Dutch-speaking list for the European elections, we have already gathered about 2,000 declarations of support. This is a fantastic and unique result. But it's still not enough, and you can help!

It’s now a final sprint to the deadline of April 12th! So, sign up for political renewal, sign for Volt! Your signature makes it possible for Volt to participate in the elections on June 9th. Your signature is a signal to the incumbent politics that change is needed. To be clear: it obliges you to nothing, you vote for whom you want, but with your signature, you ensure that we can enter the field as a new player.

Sign for change, and ensure that the counter hits 5,000 signatures (per European list) by April 12th! Ask your partner, your neighbour, your football buddy, that friendly parent on the school's playground, the cousins at the family party, the colleagues at work, or your connections on social media, to sign as well. Volt would be grateful, and so would democracy!

The team from Volt Belgium

Signature Update 21/03:

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