Volt Belgium elects lead-candidates for the June 2024 elections

At the national General Assembly of Volt Belgium on 28 October 2023 in Brussels, the members of Volt Belgium have elected the lead candidates for the June 2024 elections in Belgium.

Oct 28, 2023

The Electoral Board and the Board of Administrators of Volt Belgium are excited to share with you Volt Belgium's lead-candidates for the European, Federal and Regional elections:

European Parliament Dutch-speaking List

  1. Sophie in 't Veld

  2. Bram Vandeninden

European Parliament French-speaking List

  1. Suzana Carp

  2. Arslan Jurion

Bruxelles régional francophone

  1. Carlo Giovanni Giudice

Brussels regionaal nederlands

  1. Hans Van Gaever

Vlaams regionaal - Kieskring Vlaams-Brabant

  1. Richard Kelder

  2. Ulrike Fuss

Vlaams regionaal - Kieskring Antwerpen

  1. Jeroen Van Loock

Federaal - Kieskring Antwerpen

  1. Jasper Coosemans

Federal Parliament - Bruxelles/Brussel

  1. Emeric Massaut

Volt Belgium is very excited about the list of lead candidates and is looking forward to an energetic and refreshing campaign!

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With purple greetings,
Joachim Boonaert & Daniel Plas,
for the Electoral Board of Volt Belgium

Press and media enquiries:
Carlo Giovanni Giudice
Co-President of Volt Belgium
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +32 497 85 11 05