Election Exit Polls: Volt gets 1st Dutch pan-European seat in the European Parliament

Brussels, 6 June: Exit polls in the Netherlands predict that Volt has won its first European seat in Parliament. Volt Netherlands’ lead candidates Reinier van Lanschot or Anna Strolenberg will likely become a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), together with many other Volt MEPs.

Jun 7, 2024

The possibly newly elected Dutch MEP, Reinier van Lanschot, points out: “As a pan-European party, we do not only represent our voters in the Netherlands, but European citizens across the continent. We believe that we need a unified approach to tackle cross-border challenges. We are here to show how European politics can be done differently.”

Volt, the only pan-European party, won its first seat in the European parliament - with an MEP from German, Damian Boeselager - in the last election, just two years after he founded the party. 

In the coming days, 7-9 June, Volt is running in 14 other countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, Malta and Cyprus - and of course Belgium. Volt expects to gain several seats in the European Parliament, and possibly also in the regional and federal parliaments in Belgium.