First Hearing in Summary Proceedings against VRT

PRESS RELEASE - Volt Belgium: First Hearing in Summary Proceedings against VRT
(unofficial translation from NL)

May 22, 2024

Today, the tribunal of first instance held the hearing for Volt Belgium vs. VRT. Volt has filed a lawsuit against VRT’s act of exclusion from their big Belgium TV European political debate (on 31 May).

VRT has invited seven out of nine political parties participating in the European elections to take part. Volt believes that this exclusion is arbitrary and discriminatory, and that VRT has a public duty to ensure that voters are fully informed, with no partisan bias.

“We are confident of a positive outcome,” says Sophie in 't Veld, Member of the European Parliament and lead candidate for Volt in the European Elections. “We have refuted the main arguments of VRT, and there are no objective or formal considerations that can justify the exclusion of Volt. The criteria seem to be formulated after the fact and tailor-made, rather than in advance and objectively,” she concludes.

Sophie in 't Veld states: “Belgian voters have the right to be informed about all nine parties they will find on their ballot on 9 June. It is regrettable that a public broadcaster such as VRT is not trying to facilitate the widest possible debate out of its own convictions. And that we have thus had to enforce this through the courts."

Carlo Giudice, co-chairman of Volt Belgium, provides the larger picture of Volt in Belgium: "Volt continues to grow in Belgium, and we receive very positive responses from citizens as we campaign on the streets. Although Volt is also excluded from most election polls, there are increasing signs that Volt could surprise people on June 9. With minimal resources yet a strong and resounding message, Volt Europa appeals to many people in Belgium. Anyone who ignores Volt is actually ignoring the citizens who yearn for innovation."

The court verdict is expected to follow next Wednesday, May 29.



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